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Noravcan Corp. a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based Corporation is initiating discussions with Aircraft Manufacturers and other interested parties to sell the Phoenix Fanjet Assets.

The Phoenix Family of Aircraft consists of a two place Trainer/Sport Jet (Sigma), a four place Personal Jet (Magna) and a six place Cabin Design (drawing board utilizing 65% of the original tooling). The Sigma Jet designed by Dr. Stelio Frati, was created to provide a low operating cost solution to Ab-Initio Training for civilian and military jet pilots. The plane also has the potential to be a very cost effective trainer for retesting commercial jet pilots in “Upset Recovery.” The Magna Jet provides a low capital, cost effective four place jet aircraft for the general aviation market.

Noravcan welcomes interested parties to contact their Marketing Representative Mr. Bruce Halliwell at 1.877.261.2197 in North America or at this website for further information.

myth: Jet-powered aircraft are difficult to learn to fly and expensive to operate.

fact: The Phoenix FanJet can be handled by low-time pilots and direct operating costs
can be lower than slower, propeller-driven aircraft.
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